Activities: For a clean city – It’s your turn!

Citizen survey

Within the “For a clean city – It’s your turn!” projects the Institute for Development of Civil Society „Innovate“ – IDCSI is to implement a research on citizens’ environmental awareness, on problems that affect the environment and their possible solutions. The survey consists of 15 questions, the answers to which are supposed to approximately portray a picture of the actual environmental conditions in the area and the issues our citizens prioritize. Our surveyors are conducting their work as we speak and their reports are expected pretty soon. The citizens will be able to acquaint themselves with these reports via our website or Facebook page.

Best Short Film or Video Clip Competition

Based on the previous activities concerning the issue of pinpointing the main ecological problems and addressing those issues within the community,  IDCS “Innovate” is to organize a competition for the younger population also within the “For a clean city – It’s your turn!” project. The competition is to address the subject of ecology and environmental protection through a short movie or mobile phone video clip. Ten best videos based on jury and citizens’ votes will be promoted on all citywide debates organized in the future stages of the project, while the first three videos will be given awards.

Citizen debates

Institute for Development of Civil Society “Innovate” plans to organize citizen debates focused on mapped ecological problems with a special emphasis on environmental protection. All relevant parties are invited to participate, especially representatives of the local municipality, other institutions, teachers and professors, NGOs and youth involved in the previously mentioned video competition. All aforementioned parties are expected to actively participate so as to precisely pinpoint the burning issues in environmental protection in Leposavić and their possible outcomes and solutions thus making the next step in launching initiatives with precise demands in resolving an ecological problem. The initiative will be forwarded to the local institutions.