Activities: Reconnecting Mitrovica – Encouraging civil society to actively participate and act in local self-government

TV Show “Social Focus”

The third episode of the “Social Focus” series revolves around hosting the youth of Leposavić who actively participate in social events. We will be trying to uncover their opportunities in terms of their personal and professional future, the main issues that subject entails and the necessary steps for recognizing those issues within the society. The series is to be made in five episodes in total, two of which have already been aired on RTV Mir.

Next episode will most probably involve representatives of the local municipality talking about the current issues. Based on the research, the parties involved will be asked certain questions and made aware of the primary issues in the society as observed by citizens and civil organisations. The show is to be interactive since the opportunity will be provided for the citizens to ask direct questions via telephone or our website. TAKE PART.

Round table

During the last month of the project a round table for representatives of different institutions in Leposavić is to be organized including local municipality, CSOs, international organisations, educational institutions, media etc. The aim of this activity is to pinpoint the changes that have occurred during the project implementation in terms of municipality’s field of work and CSOs and citizens’ level of involvement. Key findings and aspects, lessons learned and recommendations for future operations are to be presented as well. All results will be published in printed media and sent to target groups.