Institute for Development of Civil Society- Innovate, was part of implementation team of this project and we took this great opportunity to gain additional experience in relevant fields.

This project, co-financed by the “  Europe for Citizens “ programme, aims to raise awareness among young people in the municipality of Mamer and in 5 European partner countries of the challenges of participatory democracy and European citizenship by allowing them to discover the functioning of local politics and to participate in exchange trips abroad. The project is the result of a partnership between 6 cities which have decided to pool their skills by offering information and training actions to young people in order to develop their civic skills, their civic engagement and their attachment to European democratic values. . The city network is made up of Arad in Romania, Valongo in Portugal, Sant’Alessio in Aspermonte in Italy, Ikskile in Latvia, Leposavic in Kosovo* and Mamer in Luxembourg. The areas of expertise covered are: democracy (Luxembourg), integration (Portugal), intercultural dialogue (Romania), support for refugees (Italy), intergenerational cooperation (Latvia) and environmental protection ( Kosovo*). The project thus enables young people to familiarize themselves with the major challenges of today’s society, to position themselves as responsible citizens and to reflect on how to better live together in a society that respects differences and shares a common future. The “My Challenge, My Europe, Our Future” project is 6 European countries represented, 4 youth camps organized and more than 150 young people directly involved. Combining the local and the transnational to encourage engagement in society means ensuring that young people are better able to fully exercise their rights, today and tomorrow, to participate actively in the life of the city. and community for the common good. It is also a question of betting that well-informed and trained young people will enable the citizens, officials and elected officials of tomorrow to be the guarantors of a living and solid democratic life.

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