KPAN demanded Kosovo Minister of Diaspora replacement


foto_vest__1425034501The Kosovo Policy Action Network demanded that the Minister for Diaspora, Valon Murati, be replaced in consequence to his statement on Serbs and other minorities being in a privileged position.

“After the instigative and crude statement delivered by the Minister of Diaspora Valon Murati on Monday, claiming that “the privileged position of the non-Albanian communities, Serbian community in particular, is a key element responsible for Albanian emigrations”, undersigned Serbian and other non-Albanian civil society organisations demand an urgent replacement of Mr. Murati”, as reported by KPAN/KSAM.
Such a statement from a high representative of the Government once again reveals the hypocrisy and cynicism when it comes to dedication of political elite in Priština to building a better multiethnic society, and is therefore an indicator of justifiable fear within Serbian and other communities regarding discrimination and civil rights violations, observed the representatives of KPAN that numbers around 120 Serbian NGOs.

According to KPAN, it is also a form of pressure used by Priština in its message of unchangeable maximalist attitudes concerning the Brussels Negotiations and is thereby obstructing a compromising solution and postponing the founding of Community of Serbian Municipalities.

Mr. Murati’s statement is also quite dangerous and represents a continuation of a well-known policy of blaming the Serbian community for all political failures.
“Such statements lead to ethnic mobilization targeted at Serbian communities above all and therefore endanger the physical safety of citizens and property of non-Albanian communities. Instigating ethnic conflicts by manipulating the majorities’ dissatisfaction with current social and economic situation must be stopped. Serbian community still remembers vividly the events of 17th of March 2004, as well as the latest destructive demonstrations in Priština”, highlights KPAN/KSAM.

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